New Reads

Below are the latest issues (and first I’ve ever bought) of Ballad Of and TLG magazines. I try to limit the number of magazines I buy as I used to hoard too many of them! In this case though, its worth it as I sometimes get bored with celeb/gossip/style ones that dominate the market.

Each issue of Ballad Of is based on a theme and shaped by the work of contributors; it’s a great opportunity for creatives to get their work seen. Next, we have TLG, the UK’s first magazine to promote underground arts and culture from a female perspective. Fans of street wear, electronic music and hip-hop culture, for example, won’t be disappointed. I’m very impressed by both magazines and will buy them again. Check them out.

BalladOfcovBalladOf1BalladOf2tlg covertlgmag1tlgmag3

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